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Welcome to Bluemansez: Part Deux

The Realization

Well, we didn't make enough to stay ad-free, let alone enough to get more server space and all that jazz. Unfortunately, I need this site to stay ad-free, so I will have to pick up the tab myself to keep it so. That being said, it is obvious that no one really cares about this site, so it will become more experimental as the days go on to suit my numerous moods. Which also means that it won't be updated as frequently, but when it is it will be pretty massive.

If you feel as though this decision is in error, well, you had your chance to voice your opinion, and said nothing. Democracy's a bitch, but it is even worse when you voluntarily give up your vote and then can't get it back.

Bluemansez Top 10 Favorite Songs Right Now

  1. Snow Patrol-"Run"
  2. Stevie Wonder-"Superstition"
  3. The Streets-"Dry Your Eyes"
  4. Mason Jennings-"Birds Flying"
  5. Tom Waits-"Hoist That Rag"
  1. Modest Mouse-"Float On"
  2. Todd Snider-"D.B. Cooper"
  3. Fatboy Slim-"The Journey"
  4. John Hiatt-"Cry Love"
  5. Triakel-"All Day Long"

I know that I haven't written that much lately, but I have been busy and a little embittered by the lack of response to the pledge drive. If no one cares about me, why should I care about them? I also got a job, so things may slow down even more on this site. Sorry to those of you who actually care.

But, on another note (bad pun intended), you should really take a listen to the artists listed in the Top 10 list. It is a wide variety of sounds, but I'm willing to be that there is something there for everyone (unless you only listen to hardcore Christian rock, or hardcore gangsta rap-sorry).

3/1/02: The Pledge Drive is Over.

Like I said, one week long and that was it. Don't ever say that I don't keep my word.

2/23/05: The Pledge Drive is Here!

Boo! I mean, yeah! Either way, it is only one week long, so pledge early! Oh, and the Name Generators are back.

2/18/05: Ten days in which nothing happened...

Have you ever had one of those stretches of time in your life when nothing of recollect happens? Well, welcome to the last 10 days of my life.

12/15/04: Still waiting for my referrals for a free Ipod.

Let me rephrase: this blurb will be here until I get two more referrals. So Help a brother out!